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Pulled lamb


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I did a pulled lamb a couple of weeks ago and while it was delicious I wanted to improve it.

So today I did another attempt and it certainly came out much better😋

Dry brined overnight with salt


my ingredients for the herb rub...


softened the butter so I could stir all the other ingredients in


then spread on the lamb with a spoon, the cold meat gradually solidified the butter.


I smoked it with some oak at 250f/121C and then wrapped in butchers paper once it hit 170f/76C internal temp.

once it was finished




chucked some very thin slices of pepper in with the meat (after the pic) and had some wedges with the wraps.

I also realise I forgot to take pictures of it on the kamado 😮‍💨

Leftovers for dinner tomorrow though😁

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