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New Beer Fries and BBQ competition in Belgium in December


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BFB - The Winter Edition

We proudly present Beer, Fries and BBQ - The Winter Edition. We noticed a large gap in the European competition schedule where teams lose momentum towards the start of the next season. So we decided to turn things around and provide teams the opportunity to maintain their standard in a competitive setting. And it also sounds like fun to have another winter contest 😉.


Teams registration

The competition fee is 195€. We will allow maximum 36 teams to enter the competition. Teams who are keen on their personal space can rent a personal port-a-let for 75€. Do not forget to order this during your registration. It will be a straight up KCBS contest. 4 categories, no sides and awards ASAP after last turn in.

Click here to register as a team.

Judges & table captains

Of course we will need judges and table captains to judge the show. We will provide you with a warm indoor area for judging. We are looking for volunteers, let us know if you know someone. 

Click here to register as a judge.



Any competition needs a stable running judging mechanism. In order to keep this process running without any hiccups we are looking for volunteers who are willing to help us to achieve this goal.

We are searching to onboard 7 volunteers who can free up their agenda on Sunday 1 december between 9AM and 3PM to assist in the judging area..




For our winter edition we will move to an new venue Heirbaan 66. The address is Helshovenstraat 18 Hoepertingen, Limburg, Belgium.




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