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Jerk Sauce

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Any recipies, trade secrets. I will post up my trusted recepie and all the details, remember I make my sauce to my liking, eash to their own and I do not judge, thou I love to see and think about others ways, methods etc 


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I have posted before my way to make sauce and loads pictures.

One trick is to age the sauce its fresh and raw, leave in the fridge for a week or more

When marinading leave in the fridge the jerk chicken for a good day or two

Also over sauce quiet a bit, brush off if too much when ready to cook
Put excess in a bowl, add a bit of water ie 30% sauce to 70% water and baste
Careful as this sauce can be hot and spice if you added many scotch bonets 

BBQ will dull the heat in slow cooking process, try to fine the heat that suits you and baste a lot if my rule - and dont forget smoke with pimento

Set BBQ hot coal side and cool non hot cooking side, wood leaves and meat side
That said cook how you want, hot cold side, with or without out, cook your way and enjoy thats what its all about 

Picturs to follow soon


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