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Antique 1880 French Rôtisserie


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Great little unit, bought a cheap battery operated spit motor, made a stand for it to sit on.

Not sure this picture, is the correct way to assemble and use.


The top two racks need to be removed.

If you use the Ash Pan (With handle at the bottom of picture) with the grate (top of oven) then there is hardly any room in the oven for the spit and meat.


If you remove the Ash Pan and use the grate on the bottom of oven, then there is more room and you get good air flow.


You can see on the Photo above two rails for holding a rack, I think the plate with the holes punched in, 


These look like they where punched using a 6” Nail,


I used this as a grill plate in one of the slots.

If anyone has any other thoughts or know someone who has used one 🤣 circa 1880, please let me know.

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