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Flue extension??


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I have a Landmann Vinson 200 and am wanting to locate it under a roof/shelter. My plan is to extend the flue so that it will pass through the roof.

Has anyone extended a flue and if so do you have and tips/hints/guidance?

I was considering having a flue with a damper in to give me a little bit of control over the draw. Again any observations/guidance gratefully received!


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Ok,  got the picture now...then no problem, you should be able to find the size of pipe off of the net....not sure how to fix a damper in-line??..fitting on the top could put it out of reach.

You could try making a butterfly type,  like on a carb??  short section of tube, cut a disc to fit inside then weld/fix to a bar running through the pipe?? then open/close when needed....that should work.



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There are some considerations, a longer flue creates more draw, also takes a bit longer to heat up to create that draw. If its long enough the gasses cool before they leave it causes condensation to run back down.


Probably better to fit a pipe in the roof with a funnel type end to it  for the smoke to filter in an up. But ultimately if its open all four sides the wind will carry the smoke away with out any extensions etc.

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