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Pulled pork


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Hey folks.

I've had the kamado chugging away over night with an 8.5lb bone in pork shoulder. At this weight I was expecting a 16 hour cook but this minute the pork is at 187F.

We haven't got people arriving until 4pm today so another 7 hours. My plan was to take this off when it hits 200F.

Should I carry on with this plan and wrap it in foil & towels or just let it go u until midday ish whatever temp it's at?

Smells amazing outside our house this morning !


Pic below of the Lamb kleftico I cooked last weekend too. Cane out amazing, would highly recommend this 👌



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No problem. All went fine in the end. The pork went down a storm.  It's my first experience of the stall. After putting the message on here the temp dropped to 180 and got stuck there for literally 5-6 hours. It worked out perfectly as it reached 198 at 3pm so wrapped it for an hour an half before we ate. Didn't wrap it at all on the kamado but it did have the skin on so remained super moist. 15 hours to cook in total.

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