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Hi Gang,

Since I discovered the benefits of spending more on better quality fuel I have been in the habit of choking off the charcoal after I have finished cooking and reusing. Sometimes it take a little longer to get it going when trying to relight so here is how I speed up the process.


If you take two ribs out from the bottom of a Weber chimney it fits perfectly over the centre of a cheap eBay camping gas ring.

Result is quick and consistent starting of the chimney every time.



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When we were at Woodsmoke 18 last year,  a number of guys were using these camp stoves.....https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-Gas-Cooker-Stove-Cartridges/dp/B000RHV3MU/ref=sr_1_4?crid=34U99LWHZYLRR&keywords=camping+gas+stove+single+burner&qid=1560430508&s=gateway&sprefix=camping+gas+st%2Caps%2C225&sr=8-4

I got one from B&M for £12 great and easy way to start a chimney...m0121.gif



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