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Weber Master touch (maybe) for sale.


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With the imminent arrival of a ProQ smoker,  I'm thinking I may sell my Master touch that I bought last year. I find myself leaning more to bullet type than the kettle ones...also it'll give me more room in the garage.

I'm not sure how to give those that would be interested in it a fair chance?? maybe bring it to Woodsmoke19, and put it out so folks can see the condition of it?? this way there would be no problems of collection or trying to post such a large item.

Or just post a couple of photos on the forum?


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I think you should see how you get on once the Pro Q arrives.

I have found that I am using the Pro Q for low and slow and my old CharGriller for 'traditional' BBQ (Burgers, sausages, chicken skewers etc)

The reasons are :-

  • The Pro Q grill is low when you take the stackers off and place the grill above the coals for the above type of cooks. If i was doing any reasonable amount of cooking, i would want to lift the base up higher. My CharGriller is a much better height. (This is also factoring into my hesitation on the plancha for the Pro Q. Should I just get one for the CharGriller instead?)
  • If I am doing low and slow, it will either be one thing I am doing, or multiple different cuts. If it multiple, they are almost guaranteed to finish at different times. So having the option of the grill means I can keep cooking the pulled pork while i reverse sear the steaks or whatever. 

These may not factor in at all for you. But I found them interesting to note for myself.


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Cheers, Phil.

I can see where you're coming from, the main reason I'm thinking about selling the Weber is I have an offset Landmann,  that is brilliant for any time that I will be cooking (Burgers, sausages, chicken skewers etc)

Another governing factor is the wife likes the offset,  and I can imagine my fate if I came anywhere near thinking of selling that...t0126.gif..

I've just sold the Kawasaki 1400, that didn't go down too well I can tell you.    t1940.gif

Never mind I'll live to fight another day....m01100.gif



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