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Where do you stick it?


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Where do people stick their temperature probes generally? 

I have a Maverick ET733 and usually put the pit probe in the centre of the cooking area. But this is the last spot to get up to temp, which means that the temp is higher the closer to the edge of the cooking zone you get. So I'm wondering if I'm actually running hotter than I should, by placing the probe in the least hot part of the smoker (usually under the meat).

For example, this morning I started a brisket (following the ique award winning recipe) which says 250f for the first 6hrs (pit probe was in the middle and under the brisket) After 1hr the temp was reading 235f, so I moved the probe to lie next to the brisket instead and the reading went up to 262f! 

Where do you folks stick it? 😀

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Which smoker are you using?

The cooking chamber probe should be roughly level with the bottom of the meat and about an inch or so from it. Too close and the cooler meat will cause the probe to give you a lower reading. You are looking to measure air temperature around the meat and so it is important that it should not be touching the meat or directly touching the cooking grate. Try to maintain a good air flow through the smoker and, if necessary, add some foil baffles inside to help distribute the air flow evenly. The position of the top vents will have a big effect on the air flow through the chamber.

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