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Beef chuck


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Morning guys so this weekend in an planning to smoke a 3kg of beef chuck I have got ,now would anyone recommend putting the beef in a brine or just leaving it rubbing it up and smoke the baby ??am looking to do a 8 to 10 cook on the offset smoker using hickory and Apple wood.if anyone has any recommendations other then this i am all ears 

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Assuming it is one piece, I wouldn't brine it. Set the smoker to 225F Remove any silverskin and excess fat, cover it in your rub and smoke it till it reaches an internal temp of 150-160F then form a boat of  2 layers silver foil place the chuck in it and pour 50-60ml of ready made beef stock (not the cube stuff) over it and seal it and just leave it to get to 200F or slightly above and it pulls just like pork. 

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