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What To Do With The Meat From Untrimmed Ribs?


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I have just trimmed 6 racks of ribs that I bought. I realise a lot of people are happy to leave the meat round by those curly bits of bone from the untrimmed ribs. me personally I don't and I think it makes the rib as a whole messy and difficult to eat once cooked. 

That aside, after trimming there is a lot of meat gone to waste, does anyone else use the trimmings for other meals and if so what and how do you cook them, i.e strip them down further, leave them on the curly bone etc?

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Do not waste them. They are very tasty and are great cold or mixed in with pulled pork or used in stir fries.

I always cut mine off to create St Louis cut ribs - but then cook the trimmings in the same way as you do the ribs. Once cooked, let them get cool and then pull the meat off the cartilage.


Once you have trimmed off any excess fat and removed the membrane, cut along the line and most of the soft cartilage will be taken off. At the wide end feel for the joint and then cut almost parallel with the cut rib edge but with a slight taper.

When cooking the trimmings you will probably only need the first 3 hours and then the 2 hours in foil. Don't forget to keep the juices too.

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