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perfect Saturday


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I've shot by best ever benchrest rifle 50m groups,  Dined on BBQ chicken, now eating home smoked nuts, having watched England bt Ireland,  and now have Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and the Doobie Brothers concerts on Sky Arts to watch whilst drinking my home made, beer and Sloe Gin.  All that's missing, perhaps a Cohiba?



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What's not to like ? I missed the rugby but caught the Doobie Brothers on Sky Arts, I'd forgotten how good they were and I had a chuckle when I learned  how they'd got their name !

I got invited to my son's mate's stag do last year in Prague, I think they wanted another old fart to be company for his Dad ! Anyhoo, we had an afternoon at a firing range on various weapons (AK 47, Glock, 45 revolver and pump action 12 bore) we went for a beer while they were adding up the scores and the young 'uns were going on about how they'd nailed it, they weren't chuffed when they found out that the old geezer had beaten the lot of them, including a serving Royal Marine. I only rubbed it in a little bit, honest !

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