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Do some pork fried rice on the wok? Well if you insist...


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Hey All,

 So gonna do my wok pork fried rice tomorrow. Rice is getting sticky in the fridge and the pork is thawing/seasoning.

 Lee Kum Kee Char Siu Chinese Barbecue Sauce
 NOH Chinese Barbecue Char Siu Seasoning
 Kikkoman's fried rice packet
 1 lb wildforks cubed pork 
 1 bunch green onions
 1/2 a red onion
 1/2 a yellow onion
 1 cup cubed carrots and peas
 2 cups jasmine rice
 some chopped sweet mini bell peppers

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Posted (edited)
22 minutes ago, AdamG said:

looks good. I always use jasmine rice for fried rice😋

I may give this a go👍

Yup jasmine is the best imo.. Only issue I have is I have such a large portion it's hard to actual get any of the rice fried lol. I would have to do it in like 4 batches. The gas burner in out apt sucks even with the grate off sitting right on the burner it's sucky. Great meal so easy to make it's crazy. Kikkoman's makes great seasoning packet and the Char Siu is pretty decent using those two products. The NOH powder gives it the pink color and sauce gives it a decent flavor.


Oh as a side note no sweet peppers didn't feel like chopping any more shit up lol

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