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Rolling the pork butt


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  Sup All,

  So pork butt is on I decided to do the same rub as the short ribs. Spellbound rub and course pepper over mustard binder. The beans are made up already I will put them on later. Will update as it goes.

beans ready to cook.jpg

pork close.jpg


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Posted (edited)

Here's the picks I moved the water pan to the right and put the beans under the meat. Spraying with 50/50 apple juice apple cider vinegar with about a 1/3 cup of Bachans :<)

20230601_212824 - Copy.jpg



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2 hours ago, AdamG said:

Looking great so far👍😁

What have you put in with the beans?

This is bush's baked beans maple and bacon I added Hillshire farms smoked sausage, onions, brown sugar and some rays sweet and spicey bbq sauce. Pulled the beans at 1 hour 45 mins. Wrapped the butt at 161 boat method with some of the spritz in the boat. Same side up


wrap 1.jpg

wrap 2.jpg

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Finished at 12 and a half hours just ran out of charcoal right at end too. A 16 lb bag plus a couple pounds was in the hopper already. Gonna sit covered by foil in a foil pan in warm oveb for one hour came. It off at 199 internal probed tended carry over should seal the deal. The bark on both bottom and top was FREAKIN AWESOME lol. Too bad it's all just gonna get shredded though LOL. Some good snacks while I' am shredding me thinks.

done 1.jpg

done 2.jpg

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