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Are these leftovers.....

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Attempted a smoked veggie burger, aubergine steaks, flat mushroom as bun, halloumi . Indirect on a Napoleon kettle, mix of lump, briquettes  & coconut briquettes,  chunk of apple for the smoke. Also did piri piri venison  kebabs, lime & sweet chilli chicken kebabs & courgettes. Aubergine took the smoke really well. Veggie bits all gone so no photos of the finished item. Some meat kebabs cold for tomorrow....... unless Adam wants to pay courier chargesxD




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Looks good😋 I should have picked em up on the way to work, would have made a great dinner for today haha😋😂.

Do you have a recipe for the veggie burger becuase that sounds like a great alternative👍

Flat mushroom as a bun is a good idea🍻

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Veggie burger is a bit of a misnomer as all I did was slice an 🍆 thickly think of it like a steak,  bit of sea salt,  let it stand for 20mins, then indirect until tender, then direct for a bit of char. Mashed the courgette, spread on mushroom bun then  🍆  then mushroom bun. Did give a twist of black pepper. Aubergine took the apple smoke well, good flavour, complimented the less smoky mushrooms & courgette. Also did halloumi in cast iron but as a side, didn't add to the burger. Not the easiest to eat with hands, so used knife & fork. Went down well with all including a lapsed vegan, she can't resist BBQ meats especially brisket.....

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