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Aldi Kamado - Temperature Control Problem


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I grilled a spatchcock chicken on my Aldi Kamado yesterday, with a tray of vegetables and chorizo underneath. Even though I thought I was getting the hang of it, I'm constantly learning. I refilled the fire box with charcoal (far more than normal because I was running out too quickly). I got it up to temperature, placed the chicken in for about an hour, the temperature crept up a little too much, so I closed the vent a little, but it just gently decreased. It soon began to rain, and as it continued to fall, I opened all of the vents. It was cooked after two hours, but it shouldn't have taken that long. The charcoal was also gone. It was tasty, but I should've fed the family sooner! What went wrong for me?

Thank You In Advance,

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4 hours ago, BryceRodriguez said:

Hey I am new to this stuff. I s charcoal that important? @AdamG

It can be important...

Some brands (usually the cheaper ones) will use small pieces of lumpwood or may not handle them with much care during transit (breaking the lumpwood into tiny pieces). These might be small enough to fall through the bigger pieces and possibly block the airflow. If there is lots of dust in the bottom of the bag, then that can also cause airflow problems.

This relates to kamado's using lumpwood and may not cause problems on other types of bbq's.

If the lumpwood pieces are a good size then brand isnt important (cheap or expensive).

I would say the only important thing is that the lumpwood is a good size. Small pieces can cause problems and inconsistency, which makes it harder to learn.👍

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