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  1. Scrap that folks, figured out what the issue was
  2. So I have literally just built my 560, got it all on and trying to do a burn off but the fan doesn't seem to be working. It worked kind of intermittently then stopped and its not came on again. Any help much appreciated
  3. Progress has been made
  4. I've got a masterbuilt 560 gravity series coming 🙈🙈 I'm to impatient to wait for anything to come into stock 😆😆
  5. Literally about to start my kitchen right now, my new bbq coming in the next few days so needs to be ready 😆😆
  6. Yeah that's my issue, I'm worried about putting a pre order on incase I can't get it because of covid but yeah that's what I was thinking, the Highland would be ideal. I'm kinda hoping someone comes back to me here and says hey you could get this 1 that is UK built or something
  7. Ah I get you now buddy, I think it's likely just to be a case of operate using common sense, your gonna want as much ventilation as you can and defo gonna want a chimney but I'd say its no different from having a pot belly stove or something in your shed
  8. It's not bad up here just now, typical Scotland 😆😆 So the background of the outdoor kitchen, our garden is terrible for drainage so we are in the process of raising some of it with sub base then laying gravel and slabs etc. I happened to say to the wife that we could enclose my "bbq area" and she actually thought it was a good idea !! So then started the planning but timber prices have went through the roof even at trade level so it's took a little time but we have managed to get the money together to get a good chunk of it done and I have some slabs left over from our patio.
  9. I'm starting my build next week when my timber gets delivered, I'm just putting a lean to on the side of my shed really then the inside il kinda mess about with as I go
  10. Looking for recommendations on a decent sized offset, I may have a budget of around £500 ish. I did find a char broil oklahoma Joe highlander online but out of stock 😣 Any suggestions welcomed, hopefully I will be able to make an informed decision Tia Allan
  11. I'm building an outdoor kitchen over the next week or so, hoping that helps with temp fluctuations and let's me get out in any weather
  12. I've ran all sort to be honest, all cheap budget stuff but ice had enough to have bought a traegar 🙈🙈😆😆 Last year I had built my own whiskey cask smoker but one day I had ribs on and I went for a shower, whilst in the shower the bugger went on fire! It didn't destroy it as such but it did mean that it was un usable, the timber doesn't combust until 400 degrees Celsius so you can imagine how hot and dry it must have been ! I'm in the process of building an outdoor kitchen and in there I will have a small offset, an American style grill and a gas bbq. Future wise I want to u
  13. Hi, my names Allan and I live in South West Scotland. Been messing around with bbq and smoking for a good few years now but always looking to expand my knowledge and hopefully I can do that here !
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