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Sunday Dinner With A Beef Sirloin Joint



Decided to cook a Sirloin joint on a Smoker for the first time and try to do some of the sides alongside it. I initially bought a 2kg piece, but as only feeding 2 of us, thought it was a bit of overkill tbh, so sliced it in half and froze the other.


I decided to try a piece of meat with no rub added, just cooked as is 🤯 I set the Smokefire to cook at 210F and aimed for an internal temp of 145F. Decided to try and do a jus/gravy to go with it and chose this recipe, I have had for a long time (don't know where from, so can't credit)  Decided on the gravy version and followed the recipe below.


The cook was pretty standard and  took just under 3 hours to reach the internal temp I desired before I removed the meat and drippings and turned it up to 425F (took less than 6 minutes, to climb to the desired temp) to cook the Asparagus in a skillet with melted butter until wilting and charred and Yorkshire Puddings (good old Aunt Bessies). First time doing Yorkshires on a smoker and were a revelation, as a slightly smoky Yorkshire is a joy to behold on the tastebuds I have discovered. They both took approx 20 minutes to cook, which was ample time to rest the beef and make the gravy from the juices with the cornflour added.


The beef was super easy to slice and had a good bend over the finger on it.


The jersey mids (first of the year) were done on the hob along with the peas, but the rest was done on the smoker and turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable meal, that I will happily do again.



Thanks for reading




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Thanks, wasn't sure anybody read them tbh. So have posted most of my recent cooks and recipes in the Hot Smoking section.

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