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Seafood Platter On The Smokefire



In this glorious weather decided to do a Seafood Platter for the first time ever on a smoker/grill. It turned out better than I hoped and seafood with a slightly smoky flavour is really divine and a relatively simple to do and a satisfying meal.

I did three different shellfish all cooked at 385F.

The Mussels I cooked them in a white wine, minced garlic , fresh lemon juice and ghee butter and cooked them in the preheated hot liquid for 15 minutes in a skillet.

The Crab Legs I injected mine with a mixture of melted ghee butter and minced garlic first using a meat marinader through the knuckle first and cooked them over the grill for 15 minutes also

The Crevettes were cooked in Ghee Butter and minced garlic and lemon juice for just under 15 minutes in a skillet.

I also did a bowl of melted butter with minced garlic to dip the crab and crevettes meat in once broken open.

Really wanted to eat outside but it was just to hot for us.





Meals like this is where a smoker that can grill as well comes into its own for me. There is no way I could have have cooked a meal like this in my charcoal bullet smoker within 35 minutes including start up. Now the algorithm and pellet flow have been sorted out in the latest firmware on this machine. It really is becoming a lovely machine to use, not just for long lo&slo cooks, but quick evening meals of all descriptions at a wide range of temperatures.





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