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Beef Short Ribs Lo&Slo



In these different times, finding it difficult to get meat locally that used to be so readily available. So I was pleased to be able to get some Beef Short Ribs from my local supermarket delivery service. I was pleasantly surprised at the price and how little trimming and tidying up of the ribs were required and although singular ribs rather than a rack at £7 a kg were good value. 

After removing a little silverskin and the membrane, I added about a ½ tsp of kosher salt to each of them and left them in the fridge for 4 hours to draw some of the moisture out of them first . I then applied a simple rub mix of kosher salt and ground tellicherry pepper to them and heated the grill to 240F. I used one meat probe in the biggest rib and set it to 203F via the app.  The cook took around 7½ hours to reach the 203F I  set and except for opening the lid three times to spritz them with some kellio beef stock. That is all I had to do for the whole cook. When the probe in the rib reached 203F I checked all of them with a handheld temp probe and they all registered between 202-205F so they all cooked evenly and the probe just sank into them with no pressure. I then removed them and foiled them for 25 minutes before eating them.

The smoke flavour and ring was there (Weber Grillmaster Blend Pellets ) and the ribs cooked beautifully. Very pleased with the final results and this cook is how I envisaged the Weber to work, set it and forget it. 





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