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First Steps.



Like a lot of folks we've been having BBQ's forever,  and I mean years.  Like lots of folks, our BBQ's have been burgers, sausages, chicken wings etc. 

A few years earlier while staying with friends in France we learnt to do a "beer can chicken",  this opened our eyes,  they also did hot & cold smoking,  we got to talking and thought maybe we can do the same.

In 2016 we went out and ordered a Brinkman Smoker,   because of health problems we didn't get to use it.  That all changed at the start of this year,  out of the shed it came, dusted it off and fired her up. While searching for info for recipes and new ideas I came across this forum,  so here we go, looking forward to Billing next weekend and learning from the experts..


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Went to yet another BBQ at the weekend, burgers , bangers and  salad, so looking forward to this weekend and learning from the experts

now we know there is so much more than burgers, bangers and salads.

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Learning is a continuous process and every year I pick up tips and techniques from others. Sometimes someone new to smoking uses a method that makes you think - "doh! why didn't I think of that?"

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