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Beware when using US recipes that contain liquid measures


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When trying that American recipe for the first time, if it contains any ingredients that are measured in pints or quarts then beware. Although most of the US and UK measures are the same (or as similar as to make no difference) the pint is a very different matter.

The UK "Pint" consists of 20 fluid ounces whereas the USA "Pint" only contains 16 fluid ounces. This means that the UK pint is actually 25% bigger than the pint in the USA.

This has several implications...

  • When making a marinade, brine, jambalaya etc. your recipe will be more dilute than the recipe intends
  • When following a recipe mixing a curing brine for immersion brining your resulting cure will be 25% weaker than it needs to be - which could be dangerous.
  • Yes the Americans can generally drink more "pints" of beer than us because they are getting short measures :beercheer:
  • Their cars always seem to less MPG than ours. OK on this one they probably actually do !
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