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Newbie in sussex

Luke Vandendyck

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What's cooking folks, 

hi all the names Luke, I'm new to the forum and world of smoking meats ( well cooking it anyways, I've eaten plenty of deliciousness haha ) 

I've just purchase my first home and as a result I'm currently in the market for a good all rounder and very interested in the kamado grills, mainly the Aldi one which I started to research causing me to stumble across you lovely lot. So I guess I have a several questions really ;

1. Is a kamado a good all rounder? 

2. I'm used to my old man's napoleon gas bbq so will the transition be easy enough that I don't ruin everything I cook? 

3. I'm on a budget after shelling out 25k on a house refurb so is the Aldi model any good?

4. For those who have bought the Aldi model what is the diameter of the grill itself, as my other options are a 24 inch pit boss from Costco priced at £639.99 or 21 inch unbranded on eBay for £449.00

5. Can anyone suggest a quality comparison or alternative within my budget, I'd like to stay under £500 so the Costco pit boss is a little stretch. 


Any and all suggestions/advice from well seasoned smokers is greatly appreciated.

many thanks in advance 




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Guest homer

hi and welcome!

only my opinion....

out of all of the smokers ive had the kamado style is by far the best all round, they hold there heat well, use sod all fuel..really amazing low fuel consumption I can prob cook for 3 times longer on the kamado than my older wsm 57cm, once you finish cooking just shut the vents and the fuel goes out so you can salvage bits out the next day for your next smoke

one thing i did not have great joy with was using a second tier cooking so i would just use if for one tier cooks

added bonus you can get these so hot you can cook a pizza as good as any Italian restaurant with a wood fired oven..really i kid you not

I have the 21" version which i find a little to small to chuck a large brisket etc in without burning the ends, if i could go back in time i would deffo get the costco 24"..just waiting for the day mine has an "accident" so the other half gives her blessing to this

very easy to maintain temps

all metal parts are stainless so with a cover is ok to leave out in the garden over winter

the costco one comes with a fair few different cooking surfaces..if you check prices of other makes all these are extras and can soon mount up


I dont work for costco but i do love the Kamado 



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y not
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Guest homer

and here is a before and after shot cooked on a kamado at 650f in just a few minutes..crispy  edges but fluffy inside  you only get at high temps


IMAG0317 (4).jpg


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Guest homer

dont know how close you are to a costco or how much running about you want to do....

they sell off the demo models..again this is linked to my other post about Louisiana grills

the price mine was 3 weeks back online was 849, it dropped in store 2 weeks ago to 799 so i snapped it up there and then..then last weekend after owning it for a long 7 days! online price is now 699 delivered, so i rushed off to costco receipt in hand and there was fook all they could offer me other than bring  it back for a refund and buy it online..going to happen with the logistics involved NOT!..the point im getting too is the demo one was now being sold off right in front of my eyes for just 349!!! (think salt in wound by this point) when i questioned this the guy said they sell them off as the sales drop in the season..yes i am about as gutted as a gutted thing can get at this stage..but if you can pop into costco daily and ask you may get a kamado at a real good price 

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