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Electronics help needed...delay switch to add to my qmaster


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A while I got myself a qmaster lite to control the temps of my smoker, it works pretty well but it does have one flaw, when I lift the lid to do anything to the meat etc obviously the temperature drops in the cooking chamber. This causes the fan to come on when really it's not needed as the coals are just as they need to be for the temperature I want, this action of the fan coming on causes the coals to get hotter and the temp overshoots.

If I could add in a means of stopping the fan from coming on for 10 minutes or so after I've opened the lid, to give the cooking chamber temp chance to get back to where it was I think it would work a lot better, at present I have to unplug the fan and try to remember to plug it back in which is far from ideal.

In an ideal world what I would like would be something whereby I can press a button and that would activate a timer relay which would break the circuit to the fan for a few minutes.

I'm guessing it might be possible to use something like this: DC 5V 12V 24V Digital LED Cycle Timer Delay Time Relay Switch  but How exactly I could get it working is a little beyond my electronics knowledge...  Can anyone help me with this perchance?



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Guest homer

simple is sometimes best..why not just fit a switch to the blower to turn it on and off

you would need a power supply to run the timer unless your controller has a plug in one you can tap off and a little enclosure to mount it in

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Guest homer

you could go further by fitting a micro switch or capacitive  proximity sensor which can detect when the lid is open, 

on my weber pid build controller i just used to switch it off..it would power back up with the same temp settings and start up again

on the pellet smoker i  wick down the temp to minimum setting and back up when the lid is closed..have to be careful as it does try to shut down with too many pellets fed in and fan holding back 

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Hi Scott - you will probably find that one of these will do the trick. You would just need to connect the relay in line with the fan's power supply. This is button activated and will switch off the fan from 1-20 minutes - depending on what you have set. If I were you I would go for the AS3085 as, although it is a couple of pounds more expensive, it is already assembled.


It would be straightforward to mount it in a small project box with a big red button on the lid ?

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