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it's amazing what you find when you go digging


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so i have been trying to find out who makes the aldi kamado and i think i got there

i also thought id expand the search and look at pellet grills and where they are made and the findings are very interesting.

this is from the q and a section from treager 



Since late 2008, all of our residential grills have been manufactured in China. The larger commercial grills are still manufactured in the United States. Due to the overwhelming number of grills being purchased, our production was moved overseas to keep up with the increased demand. Our grills manufactured overseas are still processed with the same high standards as our grills manufactured stateside. All of our residential model grills come with a 3-year limited warranty, and our commercial grills carry a 1-year limited warranty

and after just a few minutes of research this came about from the chinese supplier, the lid doesnt have the name but otherwise identical ? These are...SELOWO

i found this when i used to work as a pro photographer, most of the equipment is made in china anyway and then branded.

you would not believe the prices of these.

prodcut-imageSELOWO Wood Pellet Smoker BBQ Grill homemade BBQ Grill

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That is true of so many things these days. It makes you wonder about copyright though - but the cost of "global" copyright often means that the original product designer/manufacturer will often only take it out for their own home markets. That means that many of these "iconic" products are then free to be rebadged by the chinese manufacturer and sold elsewhere around the world.  

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