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First time fire up!

David H 69

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Hi all


Fired up the Aldi Kamado for the first time over the weekend.

I was V impressed with the whole set up.

It lit very easily and the temp was relatively easy to get to grips with and control.

Saturday was basics, so we got some proper sausages and burgers and some fillet steak skewers from the farmshop, all home reared, home made and delicious!

Sunday I shoved a free range chicken on. Spatchcocked and some corn on the cob.

All washed down with some icy cold Amstel.....

It was all super easy and V tasty.

Next up I fancy trying Pork fillet and Pineapple Kebabs, they look amazing...


Quick question, popped into B=Q last week and they had some "restaurant grade" lumpwood in there for a reasonable price. Has anyone used it, is it any good?

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Glad you enjoyed it👍

I have not tried that lumpwood sorry. I usually like to have a feel at the bags to try and see how big the pieces are on ones I have not used before...easier said than done though🤔

I may have to pick a bag up sometime to give a whirl. Let us know what you think if you get a bag in the meantime, good info for others who are testing different brands👍

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