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Protecting Temperature cables in the smoker


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I'd got fed up with having to spend over the odds for replacement braided cables for my various blowers, thermometers etc. They kept failing due to heat surges. I noticed that with my bullet smokers it was the entry point into the smoker where the heat was causing them to fail I presume the heat travelling up the side of the bullet without any baffle as such was the problem. In the centre behind the water / sand pan all was fine. I'd seen that some people used foil to protect the cable at this entry point, but I found that was a bit of a faff & the foil had a tendency to move during the cook. I turned to the internet for a better solution. Heat resistant sheath was in my head, I found THIS. In the 6mm size it can take a couple of cables & will fit into the grommet on the ProQ & Fornetto giving a secure fit & protecting the cables at there vulnerable points. I've not had a cable fail due to heat spikes since.

For £3 a metre it's worth having a length in your man cave.

Cheers n Gone Nick


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