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Hi From Germany !


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Hi all, Enrolled as Cococabana but answer to the name of Paul 99% of my time...I'm actually a producer of Coconut shell briketts but thats not only why I'm on this site. I'm an expat lost in Germany but spend a good amount of time in India. I'm keen to learn more about Smoking meats , share some ideas from Germany and India and join in any debates I feel I can add some value to.  I've spent quite some time with Ollie Sievers,Alfons Wienen and the BBQ Wiesel team through our sponsorship as they earned their World title and never stop being amazed at what can be done on the humble grill. In fact the grill ain't so humble anymore , you can pay small fortune for gimmicky stuff if you'r not careful. I posted a Lamb dish up here over the weekend which although fantastic tasting was a tad flawed and I was really impressed with the advice I received to take up a notch. That doesn't come through on every forum so I doff my cap at those that answered and say than you. Suffice to say I'm here to learn, add some colour if anyones interested  on what we do with the humble coconut shell in India and maybe meet a few members and orUK  Teams at the various events I plan to attend in the UK this year.


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