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Cold Smoking Nuts


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I cold smoke Cashews & peanuts

After reading some of the methods here - seems I do things a lot simpler ...... these are my steps, be interested in your comments

Start with Raw unsalted Cashews  ( I do 500gm at a time in my mesh basket)

Dry roast at 180C on a baking tray in the oven for aprox 10min ...... watch they dont burn.

Sprinkle lightly with groundnut oil  ... enough to coat all nuts lightly  (makes salt & smoke stick)  

Then sprinkle with Sugar:Salt mix  (about 4:1)

Cold smoke in my ProQ for around 6Hrs .,.... I use Maple or Hickory

Vac pack once done - and store in fridge - try not to eat any for a week, as flavour improves.



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A nice straightforward method :thumb1:

I dip mine in a smoked salt brine and then add powered smoked salt before roasting. It helps to bind the salt flavour to the nuts without making them oily. Would love to try yours sometime. It is great to see how others do things.


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I'll try & compare the 2 methods ... I find the oil makes the salt stick pretty well .... but always keen to improve.

My method is more or less exct copy of the process in Turan Turan's book on smoking, so always happy to use what works with others


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Turan is a great guy with a lot of knowledge. I have met him at several of the BBQ events and I like most of the recipes in his book. Some of his recipes I find end up a little too salty but they are some of the best starter recipes that I know of. As with any smoking, there may be wrong ways of doing things but there is no single right way. We all start from different positions and refine our methods until we end up with something that we really like.

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