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First batch of nuts of the year


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The first batch of nuts of 2018 are in the smoker. 6 Kg of Cashews roasting in the FEC.


After smoke roasting they are ready for the cold smoking.


If you head over to Faversham to have a drink in the pubs over the next week or so you could be eating these ...

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On 22/01/2018 at 10:55 AM, valve90210 said:

Hmmm, Nowhave I got a reason to be over in Faversham and at a pub? If not i may have to think of one!! :)

When have you ever needed a reason to visit a pub Scott :beercheer:. Yes they do great cider there...

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13 hours ago, Wade said:

What went wrong Matt?

Hey Wade, what went wrong was lack of time, experience and preparation!  Being the first time smoking anything, I didn’t account for prep time and only had a window of about 5 hours from start to getting things (nuts and cheese) vac sealed.  With work, family life and being a fair weather outdoor cook, I need to work out where and how to find time!  In the limited time that I had I wanted to smoke some cheese, so cold smoked the nuts as well.  I put them on a tray and baked them at 180C in the oven for 12 minutes, I should have let them cool, but threw butter salt and sugar straight in there, mixed it all up and the salt and sugar just clumped together.  The taste was lovely, just awful salty/sugary clumps.  Smoked for about 3 hours 20, which worked well for me.  Will follow the instructions you sent me next time!

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