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Flowerpot Bread

Smokin Monkey

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This is a recipe for Flowerpot Bread fron Andy Annat. @Andy Annat

225g Strong bread flour
10g fast action yeast
Half tbsp White sugar
Half tsp table salt
2tbsp olive oil
110ml warm water
2 tbsp pesto

Cooking Instructions

Grill temperature 220degrees centigrade.

Indirect cooking.

You will also need some clean plant pots & grease proof paper

To make the dough, place the flour, salt, sugar and olive oil into a bowl.
Add the water and mix well.
You should have a soft dough. Turn the dough out of the bowl and with as little flour as possible, start to knead the bread for at least 8 minutes until smooth and springy. Knead in the pesto.
Shape into small rounds on a lightly oiled tray and cover with cling film.
Leave to prove for about 40 minutes.
Line out the plant Pots with grease proof paper & half fill with a ball of the dough.
Cook indirectly for about 25




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