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Help With Small Brisket


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Morning all,
I smoked a small joint of brisket at the weekend , around 4lb, indirect on a gas grill and have also tried one indirect on a coal grill. Both times they have come out dry and tough.


I had this on at around 10:30 and removed it from the grill when it hit 180f roughly at 18:00 and let it rest for 1 hour, temp was kept steady between 230-250.
The meat was well cooked through but there wasn't much juice in the meat and it wasn't totally dry but was definitely more like a well done roast and tough. I'm wondering if the size of this joint may need to be cooked for less time? or if it still needs to hit that 200f mark?


Now this was a rolled brisket joint which is whats easier to get in the UK from super markets. Do I need to maybe look for a joint that has more fat content and maybe flatten it out from being a rolled joint?

Thoughts anyone?


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The thing that jumps out at me is no fat, no marbling a very lean cut the sort of thing ya going to get from a super market. Go to a good butchers and talk to them, im kind of lucky i have 2 or 3 local butchers that cater to bbq and smokers, they also bbq and smoke themselfs. 

They will show you the difference, morrisons want £7.50 kilo for brisket, my butchers are charging similar, and i get their knowlagde👍👍 Win👍

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