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Bought myself a new toy


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Busy breaking it in today 

Pork loin fillets.



Also doing bacon bombs and a few sausages.


A little overkill for this little thing but I gotta say.. it’s doing absolutely fantastic!!! 

Currently using it as it comes, water pan with water but will probably swap it out for a good thick stainless steel heat sink disc.

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Yeah, I did think about that but I wanted a smaller smoker for things like bacon bombs that don’t take long to cook and uses less charcoal.

My WSM takes a while to heat up and the amount of coal used for that can cook small stuff on its own in this little thing 😎

Not looking to get into curing, just things like cheese, nuts, coffee beans (I roast my own) and suchlike.

Now on the lookout for a cold smoke generator. Thought about the proQ but am tempted at building a Venturi type system just so I can burn a few chips rather than dust.

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Pork mince spiced to your specifications, I use 1kg per 8 bombs.
Add 1 inch square cube of cheddar 3 strips of streaky bacon per bomb.

Mush the mince by hand with flavour of choice, I use Salt, Pepper, garlic, paprika as a base but often add something else depending on what I fancy on the day.. curry powder, chilli flakes, tomato purée etc.

 I split into 8 and make a ball with the meat and push in the cheese cube. Wrap with 3 slices of streaky to cover the mince.

Bung in fridge to firm up as 100% pork mince can be a bit wet.

Stick on bbq indirect or better still a smoker and cook for 25 or so minutes (bbq) Up to 1 hour (Smoker), depending on your setup.

Beauty of this recipe is that it’s very versatile...

All pork mince or 50/50 pork and beef All beef .. even poultry or lamb mince works great.

All beef can be a bit dry.

Chopped spring onions in the mince mix works great as does grated Parmesan cheese.

Keep a close eye on cooking as it’s easy to overcook, keep heat at the lower end as the cheese will quite  happily ooze out if you go too high.

Experiment and enjoy!!!

Staple bbq in my house 😎

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