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First try at brisket


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Ok no real pics as we ate it all lol. 

Simple rub 1 part sea salt, 1 part ground black pepper , one part garlic granules. 

Cut the thick fat off the 2kilo peice of brisket (didnt wanna waste money on a trial) 

Patted rub onto meat while the smoker came up too temp. 

Put the meat in at around  10am 225F and held the temp between this and 250F until the meat got to 165F.

We had no butcher paper so used baking paper and double wrapped it and placed it back in and stoked the fire box to bring the smoking chamber up to around 265 - 275F and place the meat back in and brought it up to 202F 

The Chugod/ Nobebird thermometer worked great bluetooth/wireless so the phone app kept on top of the temp so i never hd to open the smoker to check the temp. 

I used 8kilos of lumpwood and bricket mix in very windy conditions over an 8 hour smoke (dunno if this is good or bad) 

The meat was fall apart, moist not overly smokey and ths is the only bit left showing the smoke ring on the burnt end.



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