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Injecting Pork Shoulder With Cider


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Good Morning all,

 Im going to be doing my first pork shoulder this Friday. I want to inject it with something simple but have herd that ACV can break down the muscle tissue too much and can make the meat a bit mushy so didnt want to add that into the injection mix?

I was planning on injecting it with something simple like a can/ bottle of good apple cider or apple juice?


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Afternoon, having just done my first pork shoulder last weekend, see pulled pork and the wind elsewhere, found the finished item to be moist and not needing any additional moisture. suggest you try without first and just drink the cider while chilling during the smoke....I was using the attached as a sort of guide from Meathead of Amazing Ribs and trawled various videos. I didn’t dry brine but did use a home made rub & a mix of water & cider vinegar to spritz. Didn’t spritz for the first 3 hours, did wrap in foil after about 5 and a bit hours and struggling with the wind using a bullet smoker. Just my experience based on one success.



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