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quick chick


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bird was a half price aldi's corn fed jobby that was brought home, spatch'd and frzn. took it out the day before and let it defrost in brine, brine consisted of rosemary, garlic, sage, onions, peppercorns, salt, sugar and a tble spoon of a seasoning i get from my local eastern European shop.(now available in asda)



am a big fan of brinning.




to go with the bird i knocked up some loaded skins, filled with a mixture of cream cheese, hard cheese, spring onions and crispy bacon bits.



my usual set up, coals nearly ready.




yup, that will do me nicely, time for some cooking.




i added just a small piece of cherry, only wanted a very light smoke.

the bird had been rubbed with a rosemary and garlic butter and would be basted with the butter a couple of times.

half n hour in and the skins are done, took em off and got the salad sorted.




another 20 mins and the bird was ready.




the bird was left to rest for a bit while a poured a glass, then it was pulled.


the finished plate, with plenty left for today.




and very nice it was.




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Great pictures, looks good

Can I ask a couple of questions, for the brine what are the amounts you used to water

The indirect area is that foil or what have you used, lal my cooking is direct, seen a lot of this on the forum and would like to try some Jerk this way

I have a weber round BBQ and lid, does me great and want to try a few different ways and ideas


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my brine consists of equal parts of salt to sugar, for that size bird/piece of meat i use 4 tbls of salt and 4 tbls of sugar + extras, put in brining tub and just cover the bird/meat with cold water, that tub is i think a 4ltr one, i use a really big tub for pork shoulder/turkey, for that i use half a cup of salt half a cup sugar and again just make sure i cover the meat.

if i do just 2 pork chops, i will just use a tbls of each obviously in a smaller tub.

p.s i love jerk, i add a couple of tbls of jerk seasoning along with scotch'ys, garlic, onions and the other usual suspects, seriously add's extra flavour.👍


p.p.s, dont forget to wash the brine off when you take it out.



 the foil bit is actually a foil roasting tray, i get them cheap oval shaped ones from the local supermarket and just alter the shape slightly to fit my weber, then i line with foil and just change the foil every couple of cooks. (buy the rosting trays just after chrimbo, they flog em off cheap, good to get a few in)

my way of thinking is that the air is almost funneled to the coals giving me a much hotter burn.


hope that helps.



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p.s i love jerk, i add a couple of tbls of jerk seasoning along with scotch'ys, garlic, onions and the other usual suspects, seriously add's extra flavour.👍

Do you marinade is sauce as steps two?
I brine most times for a day (well the night before, to following morning), them sauce marinade and cook that night, you can cook following day or two if wet sause marinade and use plenty, never goes off

Check out my jerk post (my Jerk link here)

 I jerk a lot and I mean a lot, and always direct, everyone loved my jerk and it's pretty true to how it should be, must update my post next cook

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