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I've got 700 bricks, loads of space and loads of time. Inspire me

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Hi there.

So I've been wanting for years to build my own pizza oven, but been in rented houses most of that time.

I've just moved to a farm and now have the space and the time to build something awesome. 

I've also spent a week uncovering an old stable block which has been overgrown for 75 years, which is a nice level brick surface.

Today I picked up 700 nice smooth bricks which I found on Facebook marketplace for free, which was a bit of a result.

We've also got a load of scrap metal here which I can put to use.

But before I started, I wanted to get some inspiration from anyone who has any similar creations. I've watched a fair bit of YouTube and read quite a few blogs.

Loosely my current plan is a big wide charcoal grill with a chimney and an adjustable height cooking area (argentinian style), and a clay pizza oven. Probably next to one another.

Couple of pics of the space, bricks and metal if that helps. 

Any links/tips/advice would be really handy. 




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