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Tigerbox 12KG of Premium Grade Large Lumpwood


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Tigerbox 12KG of Premium Grade Large Lumpwood Restaurant Grade Cooking Charcoal (BLUE BAG) Safety Matches

Ordered these on 24 th, delivered 28th free delivery, thou they did not deliver the matches, something to do with Covid. Not that I will worry about the matches

Bag Coals

Openedthe bag, loads, pieces which I don’t mind, not tried the coal yet, hope to today, reads like the coals will be very good and restaurant quality. Will report back how things went

 Price:     £25.99 FREE delivery



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Coals tested tonight, with Jerk chicken, pictures next time, see my post for the sauce and ingredients

Some coals very light, and some flat, lost of smaller pieces see the above picture

To get lite was a bit harder, cheap coals burn easy and fast

Head, very different and deceptive, not loads lite but hotter and head in solid, and smoother not aggressive

Once lit burns thorough slowly and adds that smokey bbq coals taste if you know what I mean

If lids on a lot the coals mellow and soon pick up with the lit off

Used the same amount as I normally would, ¾ lite and only half of less burnt

Do I use fewer coals next time if spread thinner, test and experiments will tell

Food as always was fantastic and in turth exacly the same BBQ and sauce, and the same chicken. New coals and the food tasted better and more evenly cooked if that makes sense

Worth the money, nice burn, adds that take away/restaurant taste
Burn slow, constant heat
Last a lot longer

Cost double or more that chap coals
Not so easy to burn


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These coals are proving good, worth the money and bury even, hot and last

In fact not all burns in the time i need cooking say 90 mins and I do not use loads coals

Also the taste is better by far than cheap coals


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Used last night, a bit of rain did not dampen me Jerk chicken

Coals are good, burn well and last longer than I thought, I guess 3x or 4x as long as the cheap corner shops coals I have been buying for many years

Taste from coals is great, much better, nice

There clearly is a big difference moving up to better restaurant coals


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