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To summit charcoal or not to summit


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Really undecided on which Kamado. It’s summit (there is a third party that does a rotisserie so boxed ticked) or KJ big joe 3. 

before I found out about the rotisserie for the summit it was an easy choice but now....

does anyone have experience of both?



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I went with a Kamodo Joe big joe 3

i have to say it’s amazing. I was lucky enough to have a Webber summit charcoal to use for a few months. Great piece of kit and with the new non gas starter one coming out at less money it’s a serious contender. 

but money aside the KJ is awesome. First time I did an overnight cook I had a remote probe with alarms set if temp drifted. Woke up in the morning in a panic thinking it had disconnected as the alarm hadn’t gone off and woken me. Went downstairs and it was almost the exact temp I left it. I didn’t get quite the same stability off the summit. 

KJ rotisserie turns out great food and has quickly become my favorite way of cooking. 

the summit has same (I think) grill size as big joe. But divide and conquer system is epic. 

Money not a consideration, get the KJ. 

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