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Door hinges leaky


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Hello fellow ProQ smokers!

Looking for some knowledge regarding these ProQ's

Been through two cooks so far and now onto my third with the ProQ Excel 20 V4

Noticed that there are quite large gaps in the door hinges of the smoker.
When the smoke id on there is definitely leakage coming through them.

You can see the black marks where the leaks are coming through on the hinges.
Very tiny leaks between stacks, small enough not to worry about.

Definitely more leakage at the doors.

Is this normal due to the design of the hinges?
Is it worth trying to seal it with Aluminium tape?

Having trouble reaching 260f+ temperatures in two stack mode.
All my vents are open using a Smartfire.
Water pan filled with sand 1/3.

Started with 1/2 chimney lit into a full basket of coal. Minion method.

Had no issue keeping it stable and getting to temperature low and slow @ 225f.

Is this just too much for the ProQ in two stack mode?
Start with a full chinmey of lit?
Run an empty water pan?
Drop it to one stack?



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Sorted out an issue with my grill probe placement which got the smoker up to mid 280's all vents open.

I'm guessing I just need to use more lit charcoal to get it higher if I wanted to go to 300f in two stack, or just drop it down to one stack.

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19 hours ago, splbound said:

s it worth trying to seal it with Aluminium tape?

Morning Splbound...by saying aluminium? do you mean fire tape??? link..


This will cure mosts problems...we used this on a mates ProQ...and my ProQ doors are ok so far but I have tape so may do them anyway.



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Morning and thanks for the reply Icefever.

I have some of that tape on order already. Planning to do the edges of the stackers, lid and door edges. My stackers and lid are pretty tight at the moment and get very minimal leakage there. Its really the doors that are coniderably more leaky.

Not sure how this can be applied to the door hinges? Did you just tape over that space between hinge and door panel?

Got through the cook yesterday ok. Definitely had to use more fuel to keep it at 275f in that setup. Thinking of going empty water pan next, maybe the sand is affecting it.

I just want to make the setup more briquette efficient with longer cooks at 275f and up.

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