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Hi, I have just joined and was looking for a smoker with a budget of around £100. But after creating another thread I have come to the view that a kettle might be better and cheaper. Inititally I was looking a weber 57, but I kind of want to stick to £100 budget as I have a weber q that I use for normal grilling. So I have seen the landman for £80, I dont expect weber quality, but its half the price and hope it to be mid range quality, so has anyone used this bbq for smoking etc, or am I wasting my money. Sorry for the long post ha. Thanks 

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I haven't used it. But I have the Kamado grill chef and I love it. If it's in your budget then nothing to lose. You may find it's a great starter and later down the line you may be able to upgrade. Plus some shops such as Aldi/Lidl are doing deals on accessories such as charcoal baskets beer can holders so you can get a few different styles of cook for a cheaper price. 

Obviously spending less will mean more concessions in performance etc but I think you should have a decent enough experience with it. :th_INGardenbbq7: Either way post your experiences here for others in future if you do go for it :) 


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I ordered the Landmann Kettle 3 weeks ago as a newbie looking for a starter set up and to replace our old gas BBQ.

It was due to be coming direct from Landmann within 48 hours and the retailer has been chasing it for the last week for me and I was promised by Landmann it would be here this week. 

Anyway, when it hadnt arrived  yesterday afternoon, the retailer offered me the option of an Outback kettle which after checking the reviews I accepted.  He put on an overnight delivery and it has just arrived. My point being that if you go for the Landmann check if it's coming direct from them as they seem to be having some serious supply issues at the moment. 

I'm just about to unbox the Outback so I'll let you know 😁

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