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Bar be quick smoker


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Hi first post, has anyone got any experience of the bar be quick smoker £70 argos. I am a total novice in regards to smoking so want a cheap option to start with. I would get a callow but there doesnt seem to be any stock. Any info or alturnative options would be great.

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your going to have to seal it .. pics here https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/2894-rolled-brisket/ .. but if you don't want to spend a lot .. there a cheap start 

i have something similar ..£20 good to go .. 

your not going to get any thing good for under £200.. but fine to cut your teeth on .. 

i'll give mine this summer then thinking on a OKLAHOMA JOE


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Thanks for the reply, I watched a vid on youtube and it was losing quite a lot of smoke. So it would need sealing around the door, between the sections and lid? Plus I dont think it has holes for a temp probe so that would need drilling with gromets added too I guess.

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