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Weber Smokey Mountain Sizes


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I'm looking at buying a Weber smokey mountain and debating which size to get. The 18" or the 22".

I'm probably only going to cook one joint of meat at a time, but want to be able to cook a brisket on a 12 hour smoke.

Anyone got any advice?

Pros and cons?

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I deliberated over this decision for months. I finally decided to go for the bigger size as even though it's just me and the GF we might have a family later. I also have the flexibility of cooking more meat at once for when I have family over or I'm taking food to a party. I can fit a whole salmon side comfortably. You can use the WSM with just the bottom and lid for a smaller more kettle size cook. I do this frequently. 

It does use more fuel than the smaller size according to others. I have only used the 57cm one so can't compare but by using quality briquettes and the minion method you can get a great cook out of the fuel and reasonably efficient. 

The only downside is the 57cm is a bugger to move once full. but if you have it in a good place you shouldn't need to do this often. The water pan is a pain to foil if that's what you want to do (I do other don't personal preference) and the grates are a nightmare if you like to wash in a sink. 

The biggest decision was for me was to get the biggest size I can afford at the time as I can always cook less on a big grate but cant cook more on a smaller one. I suppose it all comes down to you and your budget/life style. 

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I have the 18”/ 47cm and I find it’s perfect, can fit a whole shoulder of pork on with no trouble.

Easily fit 3 standard supermarket joints on the top rack if needed.

Might only need it to do 1 at a time but you never know when the next party is 😉

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