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Hi all


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Somewhat of an amateur smoking low and slow. I have had a passion for cooking over fire since I was a teenager. Worked as a chef through my teens and while at Uni, so quite experience food wise. 

I started smoking somewhat about two years ago, bought a pizza oven from dobbies and heavily modified it. Managed to get quite a few good smokes off it and it’s great if you need a super high temp for searing. However it’s a bit of a Frankenstein and managing the temp is pretty difficult for a smoke. So I recently got myself a callow bullet smoker and an inkbird 2 probe which is fine for now. Although I don’t think I will be able to get a good sized brisket on the callow. 

On here to pick up some tips and see if any other members have any pointers for the callow. Looking to see what people have as set ups for when I want to get a bigger smoker.




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