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Hey there 😁

Mikey B

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Hi everyone I’m Mikey 

I decided to find an active barbecue forum to chat with other people who enjoy outdoor cooking and ended up here :)

I’ve always enjoyed cooking on a barbecue but have only really started to experiment and get away from just burgers and sausages on a disposable over the last few years. Now I’m hooked and can’t wait for a chance to get grilling or smoking.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and picking up some handy tips to help me improve my cooks 😁

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I have a small gas grill for quick burgers

an offset smoker, which I use for most of my charcoal grilling since I’ve never been able to get the temperature up enough to do a smoke on it. I think the firebox is too small.

so I went out and bought a Callow smoker last week to have some proper fun 

I get easily obsessed with things when I enjoy them lol and I’ve always loved barbecue ever since I used to have back yard grills with my dad

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Yeah I spotted the Callow section 👍

im just trying to get in touch with Callow as one of the dampers is missing out of the box. It’s the version with 4 vents on the bottom and 2 at the top but only came with 5 dampers so I can’t even cure the smoker yet

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