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I'm after some advise. I'm having a real problem keeping my 22" Razzo dry. I bought a Fornetto Airpro cover but thought the fabric was wicking water through, after a fair amount of rain I was getting a pool of water in the bowl. It appears the water would wick in through the top of the cover seep down the side to the joint on the first stacker & then run down the inside & gather in the bowl. I mentioned this to Gareth & they sent a replacement cover, however the same thing occurs. I've also treated the first cover with Nikwax tent & gear solarproof but no real difference. I've also checked the welts on the seams. I'm now wondering if the water is actually condensation gathering & not water leaking through. However the material on the Airpro cover is supposed to be breathable. It doesn't' seem right as i am having to keep the Razzo dry by placing a tarp sheet over it with the cover on top which isn't great for a cover that cost me £70 quid to source from Australia once i'd paid the duty & taxes! 

Any thoughts or similar experiences?

I'm think of getting bespoke cover made up as stock covers for a 57cm bullet don't seem to exist but a bespoke one is the best part of £75.

The pictures below are from this morning after light rainfall over night. & a low temperature of 5degC. The water pictured on the cover is from the inside.


Cheers n Gone Nick

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Hi @Skagg2000, I have similar issues with my 22" WSM even with my shelter (Shoddy DIY) I have some rain that gets in top. The WSM comes with a cover (Which I'm sure was originally described as Weather resistant and not weatherproof) It unfortunately lets rain in and with the design on WSM water collects and pools on the rim so charcoal gets wet. I have resorted to putting another Tarp cover over top which kills the breathability of original one. 

Could you store it under a roof or in a shed? Only thing I can think of to keep water out considering what else you've tried. 

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Thanks for the reply hoogl

I do t want to put the smoker in the store unless I have to as it so big! 

The tarp under the cover keeps it dry for now until I establish if its a leaking cover or condensation build up. I'll then have to come up with a plan B

Cheers n Gone Nick

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