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Heads up for a 6 probe wireless thermometer - £49.99


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Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up on this, at the moment Amazon have a sale on a 6 probe wireless thermometer for a mere £49.99

Unfortunately it is only bluetooth so the range won't be brilliant sadly but if you're outside on a summer day enjoying a drink or two while the meat smokes it'll be perfectly adequate (unless you have a much bigger garden than mine...)

For those that have tried the Inkbird thermometers, although it isn't badged up as Inkbird, the app shown on the advertising looks identical to the Inkbird BBQ Go app and seems to have exactly the same functionality.




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Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it, having spent only just a bit less than that on my thermopro, a 6 probe one is a bargain!

If the range is about the same as the Inkbird I can just keep it connected in my kitchen...contemplating picking one up myself having needed more probes over the weekend when I had both smokers going doing pork, lamb and beef all at once!

I wouldn't be without this kind of thermometer now, even when cooking indoors!

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After a little bit of indecision, I did finally order one of these and received it over the weekend. I've not had a chance to test it beyond plugging in the probes and checking it works but I have to say thus far I'm quite impressed.

The unit itself is good quality with a decent weight and  feel to it. It has a swivel base which works as a base, at present it works nicely but I can see there might be issues with it wearing with a lot of use and becoming too loose to hold the unit upright, though that won't really be a massive problem I don't think.

The display on the main unit is and LCD display and is nice and clear with decent sized numbers and a backlight which comes on with a press of the power button. How easy it is to read when it's outside and in sunlight is anyone's guess (there was no sun to test it with this weekend...)  but of course the unit connects via bluetooth to tablets/phones and the app display on there is nice and clear so I can't see it present too much of a problem.

As I suspected, the BBQ Go app which is used by the Inkbird 2 or 6 probe thermometers also works with this thermometer and is identical to the Smart BBQ Meter app that is linked to on the packaging for this device.  The only downside is that it seems you can only have one device paired with the apps at a time so if you want to be swapping between the Inkbird and this device for different cooks, you'll need to repair each time, or as I've done just have both apps installed and use different apps for each device. Whether you can run both apps and both devices at the same time I have yet to test but I suspect not.

My initial impressions are that this is a great bit of kit if you can live with what I suspect with be the rather limited wireless range of the bluetooth connection and gives plenty of scope for cooking lots of meat at once!

I will upload a few unboxing photos later when I have a chance.

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