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Advice on high pressure jet stove for outdoor cooking


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Hi all

New here and I am thrilled there is an actual online community for us. This question is not strictly for BBQ but I am sure there are other folks who prefer to have an additional stove for all types of other cooking. I have a very mediocre charcoal BBQ which I want to change as well, but I will come to that another time.

I am in the market for a very powerful jet flame stove for outdoor cooking. I have tried a lot of different stoves but all are pretty pathetic and go off with the slightest air/wind movement. I have seen numerous youtube videos but nothing specific for the UK. I just want some straight up advice and possibly a shopping list of things I need to put together to create a super powerful windproof jet stove for all types of outdoor cooking (imagine Chinese wok cooking).

Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? Please do share. I hate run of the mill ebay type camping stove products, they are crap.

Much appreciated and looking forward to your replies. 

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I would go with something like this.


LPG Burner

I used them for out outside catering business. (Got two left actually)

If you are worried about it blowing out, get a three sided folding screen to protect it from the wind.

If you are looking for a serious bit of kit it’s would cost you £250.00 that’s for a Wok Burner, But would be overkill for a camping trip.

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