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Wayne's rub on chicken? And a traditional BBQ salt and sugar rub


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My son has come out in chickenpox this morning so our friends aren't coming as their son hasn't had it. I've chucked one in the freezer, and had a weird experience with the other. I couldn't be bothered to get the BBQ out the garage for one chicken with no guests so I just chucked it (1.75kg) in a fan oven at 120c, in the bag, and set a timer for two hours to check it. My son asked what the thermometer was for after an hour and a half so I thought "why not?" and let him check temps, it's bloody cooked! I've stabbed it half to death, everywhere, it's 65deg C throughout. 

Does anyone have any thoughts? I read something this morning getting ready for my smoke session, but I would never dream it possible to cook a chicken at 120C for an hour and 20 minutes and it be done. It was in a bag and rubbed for a couple of days, perhaps it steamed itself? Just thought actually, I bet my oven thermostat is miles out. I'm not deleting this now I've written it all, you can all have a laugh at my confusion 😁

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