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Curried Goat Neck (Smoked)


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First off not my recipe, found it from a famous eatery in New York

3 TBS Fish sauce
3 TBS Soy sauce
2 TBS Apple cider vinegar
2 qt Water
1 TBS Palm sugar
4 TBS Yellow curry powder (I used 2 TBS Rajah mild Curry powder) If you like it hot stronger ones available
1 Whole goat neck (Cut mine into 2 halves as quite big)
2 TBS Unsalted butter
1/4 Cup White wine
10 Dried Cherries
I mixed together fish sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, water, sugar and curry powder until smooth cut the goat neck halves into marinade and left overnight
Smoked at 225F for 4 hours until a bark had formed on it outside (brushed marinade over it a couple of times during the smoke).
Placed neck in Dutch oven for nearly 6 hours at 275F and put enough marinade to cover up to two-thirds of neck and left it to cook during that time. Mine was fork tender after this. (took the internal temp and it was 190F) even though I struggled a bit to maintain 275F for the full 6 hours. If I had a constant temp would have probably knocked an hour or so off the cooking time
Melted the butter in the dutch oven lid over the coals (1 level up in my proQ) and put the necks in the pan and spooned the butter over them. When butter browned I added  the wine and cherries. Reduced the liquid by half then continued basting the liquid over the neck. The sauce thickens up after 10 minutes (dependant on heat)
It was very nice, but as the recipe suggested, I will use coconut rice to serve with it next time. I found a full neck is very filling for me, similar taste to Lamb but more stronger, but very tasty. 
Forgot to take pictures, but have another neck as well as a shoulder to cook. So will try to remember next time. The meat on mine literally fell away from the bone. But this is the image from the restaurant i found the recipe from and there's looks a lot firmer and whole after cooking. Which is what I will aim for next time.
A whole neck cost me a fiver so good value for a meal.
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